Beauty Tips

Vanessa Friday, October 7, 2011

Carrots are very high in vitamin A which will strengthen your tissues and reduce sebum production. Eating more foods with vitamin A and Zinc which is an antibacterial agent can help you avoid breakouts.

If you notice a pimple and need to control it you can use Visine drops on the area to lessen the redness and inflammation.

For shiny hair start by mashing some strawberries and a little mayonnaise (1tbsp), then massage mixture into wet clean hair. Then place shower cap, after 10min wash and then shampoo as usual.

Find ways to calm yourself, when you are stressed your body will react with hormones and this can cause breakouts and other unpleasant reactions in your body not to mention you health emotional and physical. Try meditation or the gym maybe yoga.

And remember it's alway important to take time for yourself, get some rest and enjoy life.

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