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NOTD : My 1st Water Marble

Vanessa Monday, July 4, 2011 , , ,

Hi everybody!! I've been feeling under the weather but now I'm back with my first water marble. I know my water marbling is not close to perfect at all but I wanted to give it a try... :)

I quite like this even though it's not the design I originally thought.

Hope the pictures helped I'm glad to be back will post more in the next days.
Thanks for reading.


Miss Starshiny said...

the result looks good. I have tried marbling but without any success.

Diane CMP :) said...

wow! i super love the color, i'll definitely try this one :) thanks for following, followed you back!

Shang J. said...

Oh wow! Did you really do this? It is perfect. My hair has turned gray but I still can't get beyond the point where the polish has to diperse in water. :(
Love your blog. New follower. Hope you follow back. =)

LOVE JOICE said...

Wow this is really good post! following you back dear! thank you xx Joice

akiko hiramatsu said...

Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog!
you are so cute- and what a great blog- I'm your number one hundred blog follower- so nice to 'meet' you!

Mikimoto Angel said...

Wow, those nail polish are cute. I'd love to try them on my nails some time. :-)

I'm now following you. I hope you follow me back. :-)

Savannah said...

Love it! Can you please come do my nails :)

grazielle said...

hi vanessa, how are you? thanks for visit
I loved your blog:) I am following kisses said...

Wow, that is such a cool idea! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment - I'm following you now :)

The Cat Hag said...

Wow that looks so fantastic! :)

The Cat Hag

Vanessa said...

@Miss Starshiny : Thanks for your comment, I believe is practice and error with a lot of patience :P

@Diane CMP:) : You should was fun :) thanks for following

@Shang J.: Thank you so much – that is such a compliment!, I'm off to visit and follow your blog :D

@LOVE JOICE: Thanks for reading :)

@akiko hiramatsu: Aw thank you so much You’re so sweet!

@Mikimoto Angel: Thank you so much!! I’m glad you found my blog and thanks for following I follow you back.

@Savannah: Thanks for your sweet comment :)

@Grazielle: Great Thanks for asking and for your comment :)

@StarHughes: Thank you for the nice comment too :)

@The Cat Hag: Thank you so much Addie !! :) glad you liked them.

Shelley said...

Ciao Bella,

WOW... this is such a pretty pattern on your nails... I love the colour choices that you have, but I am sure that if I tried it, it would not turn out that nice.. ha ha. Your nails look beautiful.

I love your blog... its beautiful!!

I am also a new follower.. I hope you don't mind. If you like, you can also follow me back, that would be so sweet!!

Wishing you a really great day!!

Hugs & Kisses,

Vanessa said...

@Shelley: Aww... what a nice thing to say to me... thank you!. I'm off to visit and follow your blog :)

Scarlett O'Hara said...

This is super cool! I wanna try out this technique too!

reynaglows said...

Wow...I love the design that you came up with!!!

Scarlett O'Hara said...

This is super pretty! I really love the technique!

Vanessa said...

@reynaglows : Thank you so much, so glad you liked it :)

@Scarlett O'Hara : Thanks I will do some other designs in the near future. :)

Harija said...

neat post...wanna follow each other!

jowee - ( said...

wow, I'm not very creative with my nails, but the different colors look gorgeous! how did you do that?

Also, thank you so much for following my blog! I really appreciate it :)

PopBlush said...

Oh my gosh~ Your nails look amazing~ I love marble designs~~~

aMz88 said...

so pretty! i wish i could do something like that :D

ThisIsAlx said...

omgggggggoshhh!! i love ur blog layout!!!!! =O.. and I always wanted to try this out!! but never got the chance too!!!! now i reallly want to do this lol!! it looks beautiful!! specially with that tiffy blue s2!!

thanks for following hun!! I'm following back!! =]



wow! this is beautiful! great blog! now following! follow back? :)))

Jenny Thay @ said...

i've always wanted to try this! but i'm so lazy and impatient! lol was it hard??

SaoirseD said...

That is the coolest thing ever!!! I will definitely follow your blog.



Hunter87 said...

This is very interesting I need to try it.
following you back doll.

Anonymous said...

awww that's perfect! how i wish i can do the same!
really great! i followed you back! thank you!

Ai said...

Oh my gosh that's so neat! I've actually never seen that before :p

unruli said...

Wow! That looks SO amazing! I can't believe you did it yourself, great nail art =)

Now I have to figure out how to do this too lol


Maral said...

I'm obsessed with water nail art! I've done it on my hands before and got so many questions about how I did it! I love your blog.

Come check out my food blog for delicious recipes and great photos...and maybe follow? It will really mean a lot.

rousuke/ろうすけ said...

omg more nails!! I love nailpolish blogs and I have to say that I love your water marble nails so bad! ;__;

Thank you for following me and I'll follow you back! :3

Hunter87 said...

Hey doll I have some wards for u!
~Jazmin said...

wow i don't have idea how you did that but it's amazing! love your blog layout too!

Mai Linh said...

this looks great!!

Vanessa said...

@Harija : Thank you for passing by :)

@jowee : Thank you how sweet :)

@PopBlush : Thank you!! :D I will be doing more of these.

@aMz88 : Glad you like it :) I'm sure you can

@ThisIsAlx : Aww so sweet of you, let me know when you try them :)

@HUMANITYISBEAUTIFUL : Thanks :) I follow you back :)

@Jenny Thay : You should try it :) but do it when you have enough time :)

@SaoirseD : Thank you so much that means a lot to me :)

@Hunter87 : Thank you :)

@Diane: Thank you glad you like it.

@Ai : Thanks :D

@unruli : Let me know when you try :) Thanks for the comment

@Maral : Thanks for commenting

@rousuke : Thanks :3

@Hunter87 : Aww Thank you I'll pass by soon :D

@kikaysimaria : Thanks you're too sweet :)

@Mai Linh : Thanks !! :D

Mia Rivel said...

Lovely Blog


Vanessa said...

@Mia Rivel: Thank you so much :)

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